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Air bearing design

At Air Bearing Solutions we are continually developing better mathematical models to help design new bearings and to predict the performance.  By building on the work by Shires, Pink & Stout, Stout and Powell, we are seeking to be acknowledged leaders in this area.
The service we provide can be used for new spindle requirements and/or to evaluate existing designs to help improve them or to help resolve any issues.
By understanding your needs we can advise on clearance, jet positions, jet size, jet type, tolerances, shaft materials, cooling requirements and configuration.
We also understand the need for improved finish and robustness which we are able to achieve through years of experience with 'O' ring mounted bearings and designing with damping in mind. 
We are also able to redesign bearings for existing spindles. Below is one we redesigned to allow an aerostatic bearing to replace two porous bearings. This does not only ensure great performance but allows on site cleaning of the product, and reduces the cost of future refurbishment by reducing repair time.