Dynamic Balancing

Dynamic Balancing Service

Balancing down to instrument grade levels on modern soft bearing machine.
Shafts, rotors, fans and assemblies – either self powered up to 15kg or independently driven up to 8kg. Larger units can be handled by prior arrangement.

Primarily a specialist in ultra-high speed air bearing shafts running >300,000 rpm but can easily accommodate other applications. The air bearing technology requires the most demanding of vibration control of any industry but we can provide guaranteed residual imbalances to any level required

Balancing reduces the vibration and noise in a system and will prolong bearing life and improve accuracy. Faster rotational speeds can be achieved and we have specialist techniques for improving dynamic rotational accuracy down to 1 micron in an air bearing.

In addition to the balancing service we have full design and engineering capabilities, which enable us to provide the best technical partnerships. We are happy to discuss any vibration problems / requirements and offer reliable, unbiased advice if required.